The AnchorBuoy diagram

Quick FAQ’s

  • Automation – hands off deployment and retrieval
  • Attractive and small, high tech but robust
  • Easy installation on almost all anchors
  • Adjusts for waves, tides and currents with motor driven technology
  • Solar panel built in for buoy charging
  • A long-lasting lithium iron phosphate battery
  • LED lights automatically turn on and off with sun – buoy is visible at night
  • 115 feet UV stabilized 200 pound test multifilament braided line

Why Own An Automated AnchorBuoy™?

  • Know your Anchor’s location day or night
  • Others can see your anchor’s location to help prevent bumps in the night
  • Save Windlass work – Motor to your anchor’s location instead of pulling your boat by your windlass
  • See when your Anchor is set by buoy movement
  • Use Rangefinder off your buoy or another’s for accurate distance check
  • Assess how your boat responds to varying anchor conditions
  • NEW Tripline feature now Provided to retrieve your anchor should it get stuck!
The AnchorBuoy