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NEW Stainless Steel Tripline Hoop and carrying bag FREE with every AnchorBuoy™ purchase.

rocna or mason mount

The AnchorBuoy™ Ultra Anchor Mount – $26

Ultra Anchor Mount: The Ultra Anchor uses a stainless steel strapping system to securely mount without drilling into the anchor for an attachment point. Easy installation to protect your investment.

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The AnchorBuoy cradle extension

The AnchorBuoy™ Cradle Arm Extension – $38

Cradle Arm Extension is used when the top hole of the anchor is obstructed by a configuration of the boat and anchor system. The cradle arm extension allows the AnchorBuoy to sit below the bow pulpit, metal loop, or whatever is causing the obstruction from allowing the AnchorBuoy to be installed directly on the anchor hole. If you have questions about use on your boat, please contact us.

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rocna or mason mount

The AnchorBuoy™ Rocna / Manson Mount – $28

Rocna Anchor Hoop Mount: The Rocna or Manson anchor hoop mount is not needed, if the top hole is accessible and not obstructed from seating the AnchorBuoy.  The Manson anchor may need a hole drilled, but this is not difficult.  We drilled a hole in our Manson 1/4 inch in diameter, at the location that you find other holes in anchors.  IF your Rocna or Manson anchor has a top mount obstruction to use the anchor’s hole, you can mount your AnchorBuoy to the “hoop” using this accessory.

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